Brokk Robotic Demolition

The Brokk is a remote controlled machine that can undertake a great variety of tasks with speed and agility. Very similar to a conventional mini digger except there is no need for a cab as the machine is operated by remote control. As it’s powered by 3 phase electricity, it is most suited to tasks inside buildings where exhaust fumes create hazards and where HAVS would prove impossible if they were to be done with road breakers. Safety is another great advantage as the operator is able to stand well away from the machine and the deconstruction works, yet still remain in total control.

The three primary functions of the Brokk are breaking with the pecker attachment, Crunching or crushing and digging.

Crunching or breaking with the Brokk often eliminates the need for access scaffolds or crash deck that would be required for more traditional methods of work.

The Brokk is not just confined to the ground floor of buildings, they are compact and easily transported in goods hoists, lifted by crane and some even climb stairs.

In today’s strict world of health and safety a Brokk can solve a multitude of problems that would be severely restricted by traditional methods. The operator can stand clear and benefit from the reduced ‘Likely hood’ and ‘Severity’ from hazards such as noise, dust, flying debris and vibration.

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