Concrete Floor Level Reduction

Floor reduction and the technique employed depends upon several factors, sometimes it is quicker to saw the slab into sections and then lift sections created out. We use big floor saws to cut the concrete and utilise light weight gantries with long beams or a K9 machine for the lifting operation.

Ride on Milling machines can be used if the depth of reduction is less than the top layer of reinforcing. It is very effective on large areas but too awkward for small areas. The concrete removed is reduced to dust which can then be carted away.

Where the depth of reduction is greater that the depth of the reinforcing, ‘cutting and slicing’ the concrete by floor sawing is another alternative.

A series of parallel cuts at close centres are sawn across the slab. The depth of cut is slightly greater than the required reduction. These chases or segments of concrete between the cuts are then broken out with a Brokk robotic machine. The debris is then collected and cleared.

For small areas, shallow reductions or for floor preparation works, walk behind flailers are used to reduce 5mm - 10mm from concrete floors. Powered by three phase electricity they are attached to dust control vacuums to remove most of the airborne dust.

These works always require a site visit and test cores drilled prior to confirming the best solution.

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