Deconstruction and Demolition

Deconstruction; ‘the careful, controlled, removal or isolation of specific elements forming part of, or contained within, an existing structure.’

Demolition; ‘ to tear or knock down, level raze or wreck. Bulldozing, explosion, destruction.’

At Protech we carry out works to existing buildings where the client requires structural alterations or modifications to a structure, which is to substantially remain. Some of the basic operations are listed below:-

  • Forming structural openings through brick/block walls and also through reinforced concrete slabs
  • Demolishing sections of masonry walling both external and internal
  • Removal of screeds/plaster
  • Cutting and removing large sections of concrete
  • Infilling or altering openings with masonry construction
  • Breaking out concrete slabs, foundations, stall risers, columns, bases etc
  • Stripping back roofs, facias, soffits and gutters
  • Removal of steel wind posts and other isolated steel members
  • Robotic demolition of concrete/masonry walls including reinforced concrete lids
  • Crunching/bursting concrete slabs and walls
  • Removal of large elements of the structure such as staircases, lift shafts etc
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