Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling provides a quiet and effective way to form accurate holes through a very wide range of materials. As standard we can drill from 7mm diameter in hard wall tiles to 600mm in concrete for ducting. Larger holes up to1000mm can be drilled as one core depending upon the environment.

Stitch Drilling – Diamond drilling overlapping 107mm diameter holes is used to form the larger and irregular shaped openings.

Water is used to cool the diamond segments of the drill bits. This also surpresses any dust. We can employ a variety of techniques to provide strict control of the spent water and avoid any damage to the surroundings and finishes.

Types of equipment

Hand held drilling motors for small diameter and up to117mm diameter i.e flue holes in brickwork, small holes in concrete.

Mini drill rigs for small diameter holes up to 100mm diameter.

Our standard drill rigs and motors drill up to 250mm diameter without adaptations.

Hydraulic and three- phase motors for the larger diameter holes and heavily reinforced materials.

Our drill rigs can be adapted or modified to suit any challenges you may have!

Standard drilling requirements

  • 32amp 110 volt power supply
  • Access to a water supply

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