Environmental Policy (continued)

  • We take account of environmental issues when placing orders with suppliers of goods and services
  • To ensure that this policy will be available for all employees of Protech, and that, they in turn are trained and have an understanding of their responsibilities in relation to the environmental policy
  • Encourage the implementation of sound environmental practices by all people within the organisation
  • To minimise waste and pollution, and to operate effective waste management procedures
  • To avoid use, wherever possible, of environmentally damaging substances, materials, and processes
  • To ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. Where no regulations exist we shall set our own exacting standards
  • Monitor progress on a regular basis to identify strengths and areas for improvement and to highlight actions required to prevent potential deficiencies
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of our current activities and services, and wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions
  • Seek to reduce our use of natural resources such as energy, water and raw materials, and maximise the efficient use of such resources, reuse rather than dispose whenever possible, promote recycling and the use of recycled materials
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