Hand Held Cruncher

Hydraulic Hand Crunching (Silent Demolition)

Concrete cutting or removal requires operatives to have many techniques and pieces of equipment at their disposal. Even with the ever increasing use of Robotic machines to remove concrete, there is still a need for the hand held cruncher. It can crunch or crush walls up to 300mm thick by applying up to 30 tons of pressure to its tips. It shatters the concrete at the point of impact and then its conical shaped points continue to squeeze the concrete and push it along the reinforcement.

All this effort is achieved very quietly. The reinforcement is then cut away and to allow the process to continue. Although the cruncher is light at 47kgs, it requires two people to hold and operate.

It is best suited to working on walls but is can be used to remove floor slabs once a suitable support and crash deck has been installed. The small power pack that generates the hydraulic power for the cruncher is powered by 3 phase electric, making it suitable for any environment as it is clean working and quiet.

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