Health and Safety (continued)

At Protech, we realise that any company is only as good as its workforce, that’s why we are continually investing in our operatives and reviewing all our training schemes. We aim to increase the range of skills our employees have and therefore enhance our performance on site in both health and safety and production. We now have 100% CSCS registered operatives as all new employees are put through the test and enrolled on a relevant course.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

HAVS or Vibration white finger is one of the most commonly reported diseases reported under the RIDDOR regulations. The disease is caused by over exposure to vibrating tools and machinery, many of which are used in the demolition sector.

We ensure that all our operatives are aware of the relevant trigger times for all our plant and equipment and to take steps to use alternative methods to execute our works. Many of our specialist diamond methods are remote control which eliminates all direct contact with the machinery and therefore the risk of HAVS.

We are constantly investing in new equipment incorporating new technologies in vibration reduction. On site toolbox talks enable us to reiterate the importance of staying within the safe limits of use.

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