Masonry Alterations

Using our skilled in-house labour, we can carry out all types of masonry alterations such as:-

  • Formation of new openings within existing walls. This may involve propping, cutting and removing masonry and toothing out to allow the bonding in of new. Building in new lintels with trays and weepholes over. Closing cavities using vertical DPCs if required
  • Infilling existing openings using wall starters to tie in the new masonry to old or toothing in if so required
  • Vertically cutting existing walls to allow the removal of part of the existing structure
  • Propping and needling existing walls to allow us to cut and form new openings including the supply and building in of new structural steel or concrete beams. Beams will be pinned and dry packed and left to cure before needles are removed and the pockets infilled
  • Removing small sections of exising facework walls and making good
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