Ring Sawing

Hydraulic Hand Sawing

We use 2 main types of hydraulic saws. The K2500 is a traditional looking cutter with a 400mm diameter blade. This is usually referred to as a ‘Solid Saw’ or ‘Starter Saw’.

The K2500 is a well used and versatile cutter. Primarily used to cut brick and block work and with the correct blade will cut flint reinforced concrete. It is ideal for forming doorways, window openings, isolations or expansion joints. Cutting up to 140mm deep.

The K3600 or ‘Ringsaw’ has a 350mm diameter blade but has the ability to cut 250mm deep. The blade is held by the machine on the perimeter and not in the centre as with traditional machines. This enables it to cut to a greater depth. It is used to complete the works started by the K2500, cutting from 140mm to 250mm deep.

Both machines have 2 versions.

1) 2 stroke petrol engine.
2) Hydraulic.

The cutter is powered either be 3 phase electric or petrol driven power pack. The power pack can be up to 15metres away.

The location of the works normally dictates which version of the cutters will be used.

As with all diamond cutting, water is required to cool the diamond blade. We can utilise a variety of techniques to protect the working environment and finishes. Unlike diamond drilling where the water flow is low with hydraulic sawing the water flow is high.


  • 3 phase 32amp outlet for electric power pack version
  • Water at mains pressure
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