Small Building/Groundworks

Because of Protech’s skilled employees, we can undertake small building works and groundworking operations. This enables the company to execute a greater proportion of the overall contract works, freeing up main contractor’s managers. It also provides more cost certainty, and no conflicts between these usually separate packages.

Some of the tasks we have completed previously are:-

  • Forming RC lift/escalator pits
  • Install sleeves and bases for external signage
  • Installing Kee-Klamp hand railing
  • Car park alterations including forming/altering traffic islands and sign removal/preparation
  • Cutting and breaking out for drainage trenches within buildings
  • Forming and exposing refrigeration ducts
  • Underpinning
  • Concrete repairs
  • Blockwork to lift shafts and small areas
  • Making good to face brickwork/blockwork

We can manage other subcontractors within our package and have done this on several occasions to ensure that associated larger elements of work are carried out efficiently. The more common packages are piling, steelwork, jacking, brickwork, scaffolding and drain jetting.

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