Temporary Propping

Temporary propping can be carried out to suit any requirement, from a single ‘acrow’ prop coupled with a stongboy attachment, to large scale box section ‘Mabey’ type propping and shoring.

Another system which we commonly use is the SGB GASS prop which bridges the gap between standard props and the much more heavy duty Mabey prop.

We also use scaffolding for support work in certain situations. This will be scaffolding, designed and erected by a specialist subcontract partner who has worked closely with Protech on numerous projects.

Propping works carried out by Protech include:-

  • Simple support for the formation of new doors and windows in cavity walls
  • Propping and needling to support larger openings where new steel support beams are to be inserted
  • Specialist propping where large openings are to be cut into reinforced concrete walls
  • Supporting steelwork whilst parts of the frame are cut, removed adapted
  • Supporting sections of suspended floor slab to allow the formation of holes through the slab or the removal of entire sections
  • Back propping down through buildings to carry higher loadings than individual floors can
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