Track Sawing

Track sawing or Wall sawing

The track saw offers incredible cutting possibilities as its names suggest it is track mounted and primarily used to cut walls –hence the two industry standard names.

Basic Principles

A track or series of tracks are fastened to the object being cut with standard fixings. The number of tracks that can be joined together is limitless. The saw head is then mounted on the track and the blade mounted to the head.

The immense power needed not just to turn blades up to 1600mm diameter but successfully cut concrete and reinforcement up to 730mm thick comes from the hydraulic power which itself is powered by three phase power. The incredible power of hydraulics is fully realised with this cutting tool.

Our range of track saws, as with all the modern saws is operated remotely allowing a much greater levels of safety for the operator. Not only can he stand clear of any dangers but he is not routed to a fixed spot as with the older saws that require the operator to control the saws functions from the power pack.

He has the ability to walk about and view the complete operation. He can even switch total control to the power pack which then electronically calculates the best cutting speed. Speeding itself up for concrete and softer materials and slowing down for reinforcement and harder materials.

The saw can cut close to parallel objects or it can be set to cut flush with parallel objects.

The primary jobs for the track saw are cutting walls for isolations or lift openings. Cutting floor slabs that are too deep for conventional floor saws or where exhaust machines cannot be used. With stair feet it can even cut stairs and reduce the overall width of an existing staircase.

For smaller operations and concrete up to 300mm thick we use our fully electric saw. This has the same abilities as the hydraulic version and is a compact tool to quickly form door openings and isolations with great accuracy.

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