Wire Sawing

Cutting with diamond wire allows us to tackle an unlimited range of applications comfortably. Very much like a cheese wire cutting though a slab of cheese, the wire is pulled through the object being sawn. Unlike circular blades that each have a maximum cutting depth, cutting with wire is almost limitless. For objects or shapes that are too uneven or irregular, whether cutting concrete, steel or a combination of both, there is a solution provided by wire sawing.

As with track sawing there are several permutations of machinery that we can employ, fully hydraulic systems for the bigger jobs or electric systems for the smaller or where there is limited working room. Both systems require 3 phase electricity. Additionally, wire sawing in comparison to wall sawing is much quieter.

Typical applications would be:

  • Forming of openings that are not accessible for track saws
  • Cutting walls or objects thicker than track saws can achieve
  • Sawing through columns or beams
  • Cutting where noise must be minimal

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